Design Features

Design Features 

There are several different key design features that Cabin Coffee's have. We suggest you include them all into your Cabin Coffee but it all depends on the location and your communities needs. 

  • Photo by Hopland Photograpy.
  • What a lovely view of the mountains!

Outdoor Seating

This can look a little different at each Cabin Coffee. Whether it is a front porch with a few chairs or several tables. 

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  • Meeting room available.
  • Meeting room available!
  • Photo by Hopland Photograpy.
  • Mason City
  • Meeting room available!

Meeting Room

Perfect for students working on homework, Bible study groups, business meetings, Coffee 101 classes, additional seating, or more! Whatever the use it is nice to have for our customers. 

  • Drive thru available!
  • Drive Thru available!
  • Drive thru available!
  • Photo by Hopland Photograpy.


Ideal for adding more sales. Easy and quick for our customers on the go!

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  • Roasting Room
  • Roasting beans fresh just for you!

Roasting Room

Each Cabin Coffee has their own Roasting Room. We roast all of our Coffee Fresh! 

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A fireplace adds a cozy and homey feel to our stores. With comfortable seating surrounding the fireplace it is a great place for people to congregate and relax.

  • Breckenridge Cabin Coffee

Kids Koral

This will look different depending on the space available. It could be anywhere from mini saddles around a small table with toys to a kid sized tee-pee.

  • La Crosse, Wisconsin

Bar Seating

Bar seating is the most popular seat in the Cabin. The seats are usually along windows and make a great spot for customers to enjoy a drink and the view. 

  • IMG_0146
  • Breckenridge Cabin Coffee


Our saddles not only make for functional seating but also a delightful picture spot. Customers will enjoy feeling like a cowboy/cowgirl while enjoying their meals!


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  • pic2

Hitching Post

Whether your town needs a bike rack, dog spot, or horse parking, our hitching post is the perfect spot. Each one looks a little different depending on the space.